Express Language Solutions Ltd – Finalist: Greater China Awards 2017


We are both very humble and proud to announce that Express Language Solutions Ltd is a Finalist of the very prestigious Greater China Awards 2017, championed by the Department of International Trade (North West).

The judges recognised ELS’s achievements in enabling exports and trade between the UK and China through the provision of its Chinese interpreting and translation services, as well as its cultural consultancy services.

Since interpreting for Xi Jinping and David Cameron during the Chinese Presidential Visit to the UK in 2015, ELS has translated into Simplified Chinese the website, as well as marketing material, for a leading Intellectual Property law firm; presentations for a major UK airport and business correspondence; marketing material, product labels and other technical documentation for leading UK manufacturers.

IMG_0934Dina Railean, the CEO of Express Language Solutions, says: “We are very proud and humble of our China-related achievements and be recognised by such well-respected awards. The organiser – Philomena Chen, DIT’s Head of Asia Pacific – always encouraged us to enter these highly regarded awards. We resisted the temptation until now, as we thought that we did nothing out of the ordinary – we simply provided our Chinese interpreting and translating services to our clients and, as such, we enabled them to achieve their business goals in mainline China and the Far Eastern markets”.

Miss Railean adds: “It was only now that, thanks to the tremendous feedback and congratulations received following these awards, that it dawned on us: perhaps we are doing something special! Ultimately, we are enabling our clients to communicate with their Chinese clients and counterparts in a language that they all understand; we advise our clients how to navigate through the cultural maze and avoid any cultural faux pas; all translations are carried by Chinese mother-tongue translators who are experts in their technical field and thus they read as if they have been originally written by a Chinese expert!”

ELS’s experience has been previously recognised through Salford Business Awards and Salford City Council’s Aspire to Enterprise Awards.

Miss Railean continues: “Being a Finalist of these prestigious Greater China Awards 2017 has given us added gravitas in enabling our clients to also export their goods and services to other markets. Express Language Solutions caters for more than 150 languages. Therefore, with our language and cultural support, our clients are well equipped to trade globally!”

“We have great experience already in overseas trade. For example, we have successfully assisted clients with our translation services, namely technical manuals into Latin American Spanish used for building a stadium in Latin America; tenders into French for building sports venues; financial documents into Canadian French; contracts into Russian, French, German, Italian and other Western European countries; business correspondence from Arabic into English regarding contracts and bonds; accounts, financial documents, business cards and marketing material into Arabic; multi-lingual websites in the field of chemical engineering, manufacturing, food and drink; insurance claims from a myriad of languages into English and vice-versa and documents from Monglian in the field of mining, to name but a few. ”.

“Finally, this Greater China Award 2017 has given us further confidence to develop new products and services to support the business community in their endeavours in trading internationally. We look forward to continue enabling our clients achieve maximum success in their chosen markets. This is a tremendous achievement and recognition for the Express Language Solutions Team!”

For the editors:

Express Language Solutions is an interpreting, translation and cultural consultancy company based in Salford, Greater Manchester and offers its services globally in excess of 150 languages. For further information regarding the wide range of services provided by Express Language Solutions, please visit or call 0161 737 2970.

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